Large-Scale Social Collaboration between Human Initiative and Jakarta Government Brings Mobile Labs for Corona Virus Detection - 30/01/2021, 11:06 WIB

JAKARTA, - Humanitarian organization Human Initiative with NAMA Foundation and Agile Innovation Labs (Ai-Labs) handed over the Mobile Lab Test Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Covid-19 Bio Safety Level (BSL) 2 to the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Thursday (28/1/2021).

The mobile labs handover was a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face event at the City Hall of DKI Jakarta with health protocols implementation.

The mobile labs are the result of the large-scale social collaboration (KSBB), intended for PCR testing activities for the people of Jakarta.

According to President of the Human Initiative Tomy Hendrajati, cooperation and support from various parties are necessary to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

That is why Human Initiative together with Ai-Labs and the NAMA Foundation feel the drive to support the government through the provision of mobile labs.

"With this mobile lab, hopefully it can help health workers in conducting tests on the community," explained Tomy who was present at City Hall.

He added that they will provide 3 units of container cars along with supporting tools such as PCR kits and sets of lab tools.

"Hopefully what we have provided can make a meaningful and useful contribution to the wider community."

DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, who was present in person, expressed his appreciation towards the provision of the mobile labs.

Anies said the three mobile lab units could help the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in controlling the spread of Covid-19 in the Capital City.

“The (test) results we currently have require a long process. So, allow me and the staffs of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to thank the Human Initiative, NAMA Foundation, and Agile Innovation Labs (Ai-Labs). They have been working hard for months,” said Anies.

Anies hoped that the mobile labs can help health workers to check Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta and make it easier for them to do PCR tests in the red zones.

“The lab is indeed mobile because in principle we want it to be placed anywhere. These mobile labs will be placed in three regional public hospitals (RSUD) in Tanah Abang, Koja, and Budi Asih,” explained Anies.

The Mobile Lab PCR Test Covid-19 BSL-2 will make rounds around each of these hospitals to process swab test samples from the locals.

Anies said that cutting the Covid-19 transmission chain in Jakarta requires a high testing capacity. According to him, Jakarta has currently exceeded this capacity.

“The WHO requires 1,000 people to be tested per one million population. Jakarta has tested 243,000 people every week. With this figure, more people will be saved because the data can be gathered,” he said.

Anies provided an example of his own experience when exposed to the corona virus. At that time, to break the chain of transmission, around 130 people had to be tested due to their interaction with him.

Anies hoped that in addition to helping the government in limiting the spread of the corona virus, the mobile labs can also strengthen existing cooperation.

“I hope this cooperation will not only take place during the pandemic, but can also be a medium for everyone to further strengthen the existing sense of kinship,” said Anies.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta's appreciation was well received by the President Director of Ai-Labs Anton Herutomo, who was present virtually through Zoom.

“Thank you very much to the Government of Jakarta for accepting what we have been building,” said Anton.

He added that the mobile labs they created together with the Human Initiative and the NAMA Foundation was the result of a non-governmental movement.

“Apart from that, these mobile labs are the collective result of individuals in a community and are mostly the aid from the Human Initiative and the NAMA Foundation,” said Anton.

He hoped that this cooperation can continue in the future and benefits the community.

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